Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The punk & the pathetic

Trend Report

Spring/Summer 2013

You would think we were done with history, that we would learn from our mistakes and eliminate it from happening again to us. Who would have thought we’d be reliving the studs and metals times? Or for some of us allow the 80’s to come back biting us in the butt. Ladies and gents, it’s the 21st Century and we are stuck in the past. The past where it was tacky and where it should’ve stayed.

However, you know what they say, ‘everything that goes around, comes around’. So, welcome to the 80’s as during the 2013 Spring/Summer, punk is making it’s comeback.

The trend on every fashionable mouth is the Punk stage. That’s what has been spotted on every celebrity during the Met Gala. I thought that was an event where class and elegance arise. However, with Miley Cyrus’ new expose` it seems to be either a static electricity issue going on or she got electrocuted on her way in.
Let’s have a look at various designer’s take on Punk. I suppose Saint Laurent thought that putting incoherent pieces together from all around the 80s era with eyes closed was a daring and bold move. Or not.
Here, Fausto Puglisi got the theme of Scotland’s cultural dress code and Punk mixed up. What a funk! These pieces alone may be great and have amazing potential but putting them together is a bad cocktail. Not to mention, hurts the eyes.
Oh Jeremy, Jeremy Scott. What have you done? You create pieces to sell, am I not right? Any girl caught wearing that jumper will scare the living daylights out of anyone. Punk or not, it has to go or make it smile!
Growing up you associated the Punk to be a phase all rebellious teens went through. It was something you put a patch over it and pretended it didn’t exist. It seems to me that everyone went into a funk phase this season. Let’s keep walking, maybe tomorrow they’ll be over it.

Now that the rant is over, I cannot deny that with certain punk influence you can achieve genius designs. I’m all for that. The Preen look by Thomton Bregazzi is true class exposing a woman to be strong and powerful yet elegant with every move she takes. 
Or perhaps Givenchy’s take on the punk moves us into the modern times with the mix of textures. Sleek leather against sheer chiffon, harsh but sexy.
Let’s have a look at Chanel’s take on Punk this season. Again not going far from her classic pieces relating everything back to her roots. The chocker piece is divine holding the look together.
This is what punk in the 2013 should be. Forget the net tights and move on from the spikes and rooster haircuts. Next time you catch yourself saying, “I don’t have anything to wear”, go into the attic, I’m sure you’ll find a box labelled: ‘Don’t go there”.


Monday, May 28, 2012

MIA, again?!

Where have I been?
I've been posting like crazy on my Tumbler!

Care to check it out?
It concentrates on Fashion!



Thursday, April 12, 2012

A wanderlust @ heart.

Sigh. So many thoughts are running in my head, it's almost like I have the case of word vomit. I mean, where do I begin? Should I start by explaining my notorious absence? Or identify the ambiguous countdown to my right?

One thing I do know for sure that the past 9 months of my life, have been a roller coaster of adventure, discovery & emotions. You see, my life began when I received the letter of acceptance into the Walt Disney World College Program as an Intern. As each step of my journey was taken, an old shell of my past peeled away. I want to share my stories & what I learnt on this road with you. Some may be entertained, others inspired. Nonetheless, I hope it amuses all.

I never defined what this blog will be about. However, I do know one thing, at any stage in my life I want to document. This stage happens to be the Wanderlust series. My absolute desire to be a gypsy & travel like a true nomad from one adventure to the next discovery.

Are you ready voyagers? Because our first stop is Orlando, Florida!


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happy Birthday to me! :)

Hello! I know it's been too long and I miss blogging so much. However, to make a long story short (which I do plan on telling you all about) my beloved Macbook is in intensive care at the moment :(
So i'll be quick and let you guys know...
IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all you 29th of June lovelies! :Dx
I wish you a year full of AWESOME! :)
"In the end, it's not the years in your life that counts, it's the life in your years."

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hope - Inspiration #3

Hope. The thing that dies last. Hope. :)
From the many fantastic people I have met so far in life, it is hope that many have trouble finding. If all dies, it is hope that a self being should hang onto. It is the light at the end of a dark tunnel.
Hope has gotten me through so many hard times as I was always able to transport my self to a better place. Mentally, that is. This is what hope does to you. It enables you to cling on and fight back because it is truly a blessing more than a "positive thought".
I would like to share with you a picture that defines Hope to me.
This picture to me means I'm holding onto Hope like I'm on the edge of life. I won't be taken down by fear because I know one day I'll be on top of the world. I will also know what I've done and why I'm standing here. iA
Also know that hope can come to you in any shape or form. A person, hobby, painting or object. Just Believe, Hope, Dream and Inspire. :Dx

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Treasured Pieces - Interior Design #7

This being my seventh entry in my Interior Design installments I thought I'd spice things up and showcase some of my own interior pieces that make me happy. Each piece in my collection tells a story. That's how I like to design any room, so each piece is a chapter and together they can tell the viewer a recollection about my life, personality and even aspirations.
So, every once in a while I will share some of my treasures and the anecdote behind it. Are you excited?

1. Special Needs Teapot.
This treasure was found during a rampage sale in Myer last year or so.The first time I saw it was when it was first launched and the price was a bit too much than what it's worth. During the sale day it was abandoned and what first caught my eye was the "Shopaholic" label. I gasped as I reached and grabbed it. At first, I thought it was a pointless purchase as it had it's cap missing so I spent good minutes frantically looking for it's missing piece. Disappointed, I thought I could find a substitute cap for this poor thing somewhere else and decided to go along with the purchase as it was too cheap to pass up. I mean from $40 to about $3 is a pretty substantial decrease. Won't you think so too?
Well, after countless failure attempts to finding the right size cap I decided this is a special needs piece and it makes it all interesting with a missing part. It almost has an antique feel. Almost. Hey it needs love too and we should all know better than to force something to be a certain way when it's not. It's against moral and self belief. ;) My random beads have a happy home now. :)

2. Something old, something new.
This baby is a fashion lover's safe haven in a time capsule. When I first spotted this limited edition DVD covers I struggled with myself to put it down. At $20, it truly is a once in a while splurge item. It truly captures history in a modern twist. This DVD is placed on a book stand which gives it a true throne element compared to all the other DVDs. It defines my love for past fashion icons impeccably.

3. Another Cocktail?
Every interior piece should symbolise an inside joke with an unforgettable friend. During my first year at university, when we still had that "this is all new" jitters me and a friend used to explore the city far and wide. Every unconventional place you'd find our newbie noses sniffing around. One particular outing has led to this piece being a treasure. It talks about the day we sat under the Opera House, looking out towards the Harbour singing a made up song called "Margarita.."I don't remember much of the song but I do remember that young and restless feeling without a care in the world. We were laughing hysterically while onlookers gave us death stares. This day is embedded in my memories and this glass not only adds to my interior but to my recollections. It helps that it was found in a sale and only cost $2. Score! I also want to add that despite many friend fall outs, the memories you have left will hopefully never fail you.

4. Vanity, a weakness?
This last piece I will share with you was one of my first eBay purchases. That's also the same time where my great love for eBay developed. *Day Dreams* :P This piece describes my passion for beauty and makeup indefinitely. "Ah vanity of vanities! How wayward the decrees of fate are. How very weak the very wise. How very small the very great are." -William Shakespeare. It also tells of my childhood desire to own a doll house with doll house amenities. A small piece of my childhood is brought back with this interior. Yay!
Let me know if you liked this installment. :Dx

One Good Deed

Hey Bloggers!
Today I completed a painting and decided to enter it in a competition my University is holding. *Yikes!*
The theme to this competition is to be creative and submit either a poem, story or artwork with the theme "One Good Deed".
I will attach my painting below, let me know what you guys think.
The good deed I chose is charity. You can see hands, which symbolizes people in poverty and war zones reaching out for help. Also, a thumb from a fortunate place is giving charity. This shows how every deed counts, as you can see the torment subsiding with every dollar spent on such conditions. Indeed, "A good deed is the best prayer."
I truly encourage everyone to give to the less fortunate as good deeds ennoble us and a beautiful world begets the beautiful deed. :Dx
UPDATE: I WON! The prize was $100 AUD. :O

Monday, May 23, 2011

How to be alone - Inspiration #2

When most people are down and depressed it's usually when they are lonely and feel they are the only one in the world who are feeling and going through this hardship. 
Whenever I feel like this, I watch this inspirational video and it brings back life in me as if a light has been turned on. This Youtube video is called How To Be Alone
Think about it, the most vulnerable time is when you are alone, as all your insecurities are heightened and you elaborate on all your negativity. Us humans should learn how to embrace it and change this time into a positive outcome. It should be a time where you concentrate on yourself and better yourself as a person. 
"Don't look at yourself as the absence of other people but the presence of yourself."
Don't be afraid to be alone, it's a freedom and everyone should embody the concept. I hope I've inspired you to take care of yourself as you are special beyond words.


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bathroom Decor - Interior Design #6

Elle from Allthatglitters21 mentioned that she is looking for Bathroom Decor, so naturally I got inspired to do my sixth Interior Design installment on it. :)
The main points to remember when decorating a Bathroom is to keep it crisp and fresh. Why? It's simple, the Bathroom harbors a lot of moisture and who loves moisture more than bacteria, mold and germs.
= Ew! 
So, a good method to conquer both decor and hygiene issues is by placing candles, automatic sprays, wall scents or even a bowl of scented dried flowers.
Next, think of the theme you are going after. Do you like it girly?
Or do you prefer to keep your bathroom a separate theme to the rest of the house? 
Once that is decided, choose your floor mats, seat cover, towels and robes. A quick tip is do not get them all the same colour. That is bland and colour blocking is best kept in the fashion industry :P.

You may want the floor mats a sky blue, mix it up by choosing the towels to be bright yellow. Or perhaps pink mats and white towels. Break up the colours, avoid being monotone
You want to brighten up your bathroom? Add light to it. This allows it not only to have a fresh feel to it but also the bathroom is usually a peaceful and relaxing place/time.

When thinking of soap, toothbrush and toothpaste holders make it the pop of the bathroom. Just like an antique vase provides a pop to a mantle piece, those holders will be the pop of the bathroom. I suggest you choose those to cater the third colour to your theme. If you do not desire to introduce another colour then go for a varied shade to your theme colour. This provides depth and stigma to your decor.

Another safe and cute detail to a bathroom are curtains. Those are easy to wash every few weeks so bacteria can be eliminated. I would prefer light fabrics such as lace or hand stitched curtains. They add such a fresh feel as they would still allow light to enter through yet also have a feminine touch.

 Don't forget to add little things that pull the whole decor together such as small trash cans. Make cute covers to go on them that tie the theme together.
In a bathroom, I would stay from wall paper as we all know that heat and moist will not only mold but peel off the hard work off the Interior. This is a total waste of time and money
Tiles is the best way to go. The perfect way to decorate your bathroom walls is to add pictures which of course should be framed in glass so no damage can occur. You can have pictures of the seaside which adds a fresh and crisp feel to a bathroom or go with an abstract painting. Even an inspirational quote or quotes that are hung diagonally that will give you a pick up when it's most needed.

Another thing that can be added to your decor that not only organises but adds that fresh feel are shelves. That would provide you space for your clutter and have a polished feel to your decor. I suggest to have closed doors on your products as heat and moisture will degrade them. 

However, have an open shelf for decor items such as marbles. They tend to come in varied colours, again that match your decor or add the desired pop
You can also include flowers or candles.

Stick to glass or marble materials, as they will not rot or degrade. Also, bacteria and mold won't be able to find their way in. This could be detrimental as they can get activated once heat is present.

Lastly, make sure you follow a decor method that suits your needs as we all spend quite some time in a bathroom. You do not want to be looking at a weird picture while on the potty. ;)
I wish you happy bathroom decorating! :Dx