Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening."
-Coco Chanel.

I seek inspiration from my surrounding; the weather, city life, nature, uni, people and yes, even my mood swings. Also, don't forget that sty;e is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma. So wear your SMILE! After all, we are shaped and fashioned by what we love and do. :Dx
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thou Canvas ~ Thy Art - Interior Design #2

This is my second instalment in the mini series -Interior Design.

We have previously discussed the importance of paintings in a room, to set the mood or scene someone is going for. But what could also be a more unique and personal touch are handmade personalised canvas'. 

Why not indulge is other cultures and languages? Bring the rich cultural diversity within and adapt this out of the ordinary, yet modern trend into your interior. Your friends would be intrigued by what that foreign piece means. So let me introduce you to....

Thou Canvas~ Thy Art.

Your canvas, my art.

Would you like me to create art on your canvas? Long for a unique touch to your everyday azure? Exhausted from typical Calligraphy paintings, that bore you?

I create personalized Calligraphy Canvas' which are vintage with a modern twist.
It could be any language, color, size or theme. It's up to you, your taste and your style..

It will add a one of a kind allure to any room leaving your friends in awe as they lust to find out where they can get one too. (Speaking from personal experience ;D)

Attached is one of my creations, which i sent to Alex from HRH COLLECTION on YouTube.
Unfortunately, the below pictures doesn't do any justice to the true enticement.

This is "Alexandra" in Arabic Calligraphy. It's drawn in Black and outlined in Silver.

Everyone enjoys a Back view. :D

Side view. It is embellished with intricate Silver lace and tiny pearls for a classy touch.

Closer Side view.

Up close and personal ;)

Are you intrigued and are sucked in by packaging?
Then you will adore this silver and white damask wrapping with pearl tags!

This personalized tag comes with your name on it. So fetch!

If you would like further information on pricing or how to purchase one contact me at:

Love of beauty is taste, creation of beauty is art. So let me create art on your canvas. :Dx

Hope to enchant your aura..


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

*NEW* Mini Series!

I have been thinking for some time on doing mini series on my Blog. This could vary from Beauty which includes makeup reviews, skincare musts and shopping trips to Medical and Health tips.

I've decided since I love interior designing so much, I would like to share some in writing. I have already posted my first entry
"The ART of Interior Design", (READ IT BELOW) which serves as an Introduction to this series. Every week I will do a new post revolving around a new area in regards to the Interior Design topic. This may include Wallpaper, Canvas Art Paintings, Unique furniture pieces, How I revamp vintage finds and DIY!

A new post or series may be updated once a week to consecutive days, depending on my inspiration levels.

Peachy pink or Nude pinks are so in this spring! It also adds a feminine and inviting feel to a room as the colours are soft and classy.
Stay tuned... I guess?

Monday, March 14, 2011

The ART of Interior Design - Interior Design #1

Interior design: the art and process to create a room into another whole realm.

A place I can escape to , allow my thoughts to wonder and ponder about my dreams.

It is my own little world.

Which to me = LOVE!
It is the pleasure of transforming an area of space to the likes, mood or even culture of oneself.

The art of interior design is to add a personal touch and style to a room. It is something you can claim your own just like an artists' signature on a completed painting.

So, you can guarantee my obsession with unique interior, something out of the ordinary and a
100% wow factor.
I absolutely adore strange finds where i can revamp by sanding, painting or changing it's fabric. That is how you personalize and modify it to your own unique taste while at the same time keeping it's ethnicity and vintage feel making it a timeless and priceless item for others to be baffled by.

Something else that always fascinates me and therefore adds a different spin to a room are paintings. Paintings and art works are timeless pieces of interior perfect for setting the scene in a room.

You want to modernize the room? Add abstract artworks with sharp angles and bright colours.

How modernistic and trend setting are these colourful abstracted paintings?
Want to travel back in time? Perhaps mahogany office furniture and Victorian paintings?

Not only historical and timeless but also it is rich in antiquity.

Nonetheless, Canvas' of all sorts are extremely vital to any setting. It adds a characterized twist due to the type of painting or the painter's themselves.

For example, your painter may be a gloomy character who is troubled, that adds a mystery to a room.

You may think, who wants that kind of feel to any room? :s

You can make it work by adding a gloomy painting to a bright coloured or completely white room. This causes contrast and mixed feelings, which all human beings go through. It portrays humanity and the world we live in.

How surreal would these images be against a white or colourful room? The contrast is almost mind shattering!

Be open to new and peculiar ideas in order to experience the feelings through others. That is what makes something unique and fascinating!

On countless occasions I get the
"Where did you get that?"
The rush I get from answering,
"I made it!" is what makes the flea market rampages and craft store runs all worthwhile.

Next post I will discuss the art of making simple yet unique
Calligraphy a pop to your room! Not only will it bring personalization to a room it will add richness of culture that will leave others in awe.
So embrace in other languages it will be the solace to a bland room..

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm like totally inspirational.. OH YEAH!

I feel like talking today/tonight or shall i be more politically correct and say writing?

Who am I to judge? Apparently, I follow myself on Blog. :s

"Yay! I have one follower!"
*Oh wait... that's me.*
"Darn! Here, i thought someone reads me!"
LOL! :p

I'd like to share with 'myself' some of my thoughts, quotes or phrases..

Courage is required to overcome obstacles and achieve results to learn from.

But it's strength that fights negativity for you and shows you that light that was once at the end of the tunnel.

It's harder to stay strong than it is to give up. Giving up doesn't get you anywhere.. Only makes you weak.

It's all about waking up tomorrow and seeing the world in a different light.

There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.

My definition of passion is to do whatever your heart feels at any point in time - To achieve something big there is no practicality only passion, the path of least risk equals no real reward.

Don't wait for the world to accept you. So let's all stop and make a wish, as your dreams only comes true in cans not cants . Never stop dreaming, only you can make your dreams come true..

Take a chance, live "your" passion.


Makeup Geek's *STAR* Challenge

Well, it seems that Marlena's Challenges are the solely inspiration to my Blog posts. Yes, I am here again to showcase my new entry to yet another amazing MUG Challenge. This time with a video entry. U-huh, finally i have put a face to the avalanche ramble of words..

So, check out my entry to the MUG's STAR Challenge!

It's a haul with mini reviews. Hope you were amused.. slightly?


V-Day or Trashy-Day?

Yep! It's the middle of the night or shall i say early morning and my insomniac nature is wide awake. I think I'm a night owl in another life time but who doesn't think that of themselves?

Well, here I am with my favorite resort.. Mr. Blog.

I've been meaning to update with a new post and especially with the Valentine fever but since February is over it would be pointless. Nonetheless, I'd like to share this with cyber space..

"The book of love is long, boring and written a long time ago. It's full of charts, facts and figures and instructions for dancing. It's full of flowers, heart-shaped boxes and things we're all too young to know.
But the book of love has music in it. In fact that's where music comes from. Some of it is just transcendental, some of it is just really dumb."

Everyone assumes that anyone that is not fond of V-Day is either single or has had a bitter past experience in the love factor. I don't see that as a valid point, as many see it a day of marketing and retail pay rise which equals a waste of money, space and time. I mean who says i should only receive love once a year. Why do i have to wait that long? Dammit, many want it on a regular basis! ;)