Tuesday, March 15, 2011

*NEW* Mini Series!

I have been thinking for some time on doing mini series on my Blog. This could vary from Beauty which includes makeup reviews, skincare musts and shopping trips to Medical and Health tips.

I've decided since I love interior designing so much, I would like to share some in writing. I have already posted my first entry
"The ART of Interior Design", (READ IT BELOW) which serves as an Introduction to this series. Every week I will do a new post revolving around a new area in regards to the Interior Design topic. This may include Wallpaper, Canvas Art Paintings, Unique furniture pieces, How I revamp vintage finds and DIY!

A new post or series may be updated once a week to consecutive days, depending on my inspiration levels.

Peachy pink or Nude pinks are so in this spring! It also adds a feminine and inviting feel to a room as the colours are soft and classy.
Stay tuned... I guess?


  1. Hi there - I'm delighted you like my mood board, and am happy for you to use it on your blog, along with a link to www.joannafordinteriordesign.com.au and acknowledgement.

    Thanks and regards,
    Joanna Ford
    Joanna Ford Interior Design - Hampton, Melbourne, Australia