Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thou Canvas ~ Thy Art - Interior Design #2

This is my second instalment in the mini series -Interior Design.

We have previously discussed the importance of paintings in a room, to set the mood or scene someone is going for. But what could also be a more unique and personal touch are handmade personalised canvas'. 

Why not indulge is other cultures and languages? Bring the rich cultural diversity within and adapt this out of the ordinary, yet modern trend into your interior. Your friends would be intrigued by what that foreign piece means. So let me introduce you to....

Thou Canvas~ Thy Art.

Your canvas, my art.

Would you like me to create art on your canvas? Long for a unique touch to your everyday azure? Exhausted from typical Calligraphy paintings, that bore you?

I create personalized Calligraphy Canvas' which are vintage with a modern twist.
It could be any language, color, size or theme. It's up to you, your taste and your style..

It will add a one of a kind allure to any room leaving your friends in awe as they lust to find out where they can get one too. (Speaking from personal experience ;D)

Attached is one of my creations, which i sent to Alex from HRH COLLECTION on YouTube.
Unfortunately, the below pictures doesn't do any justice to the true enticement.

This is "Alexandra" in Arabic Calligraphy. It's drawn in Black and outlined in Silver.

Everyone enjoys a Back view. :D

Side view. It is embellished with intricate Silver lace and tiny pearls for a classy touch.

Closer Side view.

Up close and personal ;)

Are you intrigued and are sucked in by packaging?
Then you will adore this silver and white damask wrapping with pearl tags!

This personalized tag comes with your name on it. So fetch!

If you would like further information on pricing or how to purchase one contact me at: itsdstndx0@hotmail.com

Love of beauty is taste, creation of beauty is art. So let me create art on your canvas. :Dx

Hope to enchant your aura..


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