Tuesday, March 1, 2011

V-Day or Trashy-Day?

Yep! It's the middle of the night or shall i say early morning and my insomniac nature is wide awake. I think I'm a night owl in another life time but who doesn't think that of themselves?

Well, here I am with my favorite resort.. Mr. Blog.

I've been meaning to update with a new post and especially with the Valentine fever but since February is over it would be pointless. Nonetheless, I'd like to share this with cyber space..

"The book of love is long, boring and written a long time ago. It's full of charts, facts and figures and instructions for dancing. It's full of flowers, heart-shaped boxes and things we're all too young to know.
But the book of love has music in it. In fact that's where music comes from. Some of it is just transcendental, some of it is just really dumb."

Everyone assumes that anyone that is not fond of V-Day is either single or has had a bitter past experience in the love factor. I don't see that as a valid point, as many see it a day of marketing and retail pay rise which equals a waste of money, space and time. I mean who says i should only receive love once a year. Why do i have to wait that long? Dammit, many want it on a regular basis! ;)


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