Friday, April 29, 2011

Take a break - Do Facial Art!

For the ones who follow my blog, as you know I have done 5 installment in the mini series - Interior Design to date. Let's take a little break and discuss the art of makeup. YAY! :D
I always question, Who defines conventional makeup? Makeup is an art and who said one should abide by the rules and regulations set up? To me, makeup is expressing ones self in the most outrageous way anyone could fathom. Whether you use shadows as lipgloss or eye liner as blush (LOL!) 
Okay, okay! My point is, express yourself through your art. So if you're a makeup artist go wild! 
Last week, me and my girlfriends had a sleepover. (LOL! No one is too old to have one, it's really refreshing.) After traditional face masks and cleansing, I decided to be creative and create eyeliner art on each one of them.
Let me introduce you to: Facial Art!
1. Discovery.

2. Adventure.
3. Figgie Gee!
4. Fantasy.
5. Drama.
6. Haze Ghaz!
7. Infective.
8. Class.
9. Zee!
It's unconventional, it's Art!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Acceptance - "You are beautiful!"

"You can buy your hair if it won't grow. You can fix your nose if he says so. You can buy all the make-up that M.A.C can make, but if you can't look inside you, you're in a position to make yourself feel so damn un-pretty."

I may have slightly altered the lyrics, however since I am part of the beauty community I feel obliged to send a positive message across to all the beautiful people out there. 
Yesterday, I watched the latest Glee episode and it got me thinking about all those pressures society has placed on being beautiful. It is the modern requirement to look after ones self and that is by no means wrong but at times also healthy.
Saying this however, it is sad to see some people taking it to extremes and young people wanting to alter their physical appearance with surgical means. It's one thing to use makeup to enhance beauty and confidence but it's disturbing to see humans picking faults in their wonderful physical attributes by not embracing it and changing it to something else. It's like cloning or genetically modifying oneself. There is only one thing to say about this and the word is SAD. :(
Include positive thoughts and words in your everyday life. Add it to your interior, it will uplift your spirit and you will learn to love yourself the way you are. Paint a painting or stick post it notes on your desk and on your wall. 
Remind yourself as we all do forget!
So, I guess the purpose of this post is to say embrace yourself, you are truly unique and beautiful. After all, even if you are beautiful on the outside you have to beautify your insides too, so you are able to truly glow from within.
"The thing you hate most about yourself, is the thing that makes you interesting."

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Sequel - Elle & Blair's Contest

This post serves as a sequel to my previous post: "Interior Design - Spring Fever". I entered Elle & Blair's Spring Themed contest. My video entry covered all things spring interior. So basically it wraps up my previous blog post in a short video.

So do you care to enjoy?


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring Fever - Interior Design #5

We have seen and heard so many on Spring makeup, fashion, hair and even nails. However, not many posts have been on how to get your Interior spring ready. So if you have a passion for fashion but Interior Design's your mission, this fifth installment is going to cover everything you need to "Spring Up" your interior.

1. Re-vamp your storage space
Many of us have the standard and dull storage box or basket that we use to hoard all of our purchases. It's bland and ghastly to look at at. Since, it's spring why not use flowers, birds even butterflies to add a mini garden in your room? Not only will it be more attractive to look at, but also adds a serene and calm feeling to your bliss.

Below I will show you how I changed my everyday storage cart to my very own masterpiece.


2. Vase of Flowers
What is spring without flowers? It's the easiest and fastest way to change an interior's room to be more lively and have a fresh feel. This could be achieved through fresh flowers, which could be a hassle when changing the water and collecting dead fallout petals. Or you could achieve the same effect through fake flowers. That may be a more convenient choice since they last forever and come is an array of colours where you could mix and match to your own interior's colour theme.

Below, is where I showcase my vase of flowers in the colour theme of my bed side table.

3. Spring themed Wallpaper
Another tip which is sometimes over looked when changing one's interior to suit a mood or season, are wallpaper. And I don't mean the entire room's paper, that will be extremely irrelevant not to mention time and money consuming. In any craft store, one could purchase craft paper. Why not purchase spring themed ones and arrange them as a feature wall? Not only will this add a modern trend, it will meet the requirements of changing up your interior and making it ever so spring-y.

Check out my spring themed feature wall below!

4. Spring Touches
The most important yet underestimated tip to make an interior more lively are small touches which adds a splendid appeal to a room. Spring touches can be cheekily added to a room which are subtle yet delightfully meets the requirements for change. This could be anything from cocktail umbrellas placed in makeup brush holders to pencil holders on desks. Little birds tapped on the edge of shelves or tiny rose buds filled in a wine glass display. All these subtle touches freshens up a room and portrays a modern edge to today's Interior Design.

Below are some of my not so subtle spring touches.


P.S It may not be spring in Australia but that is the fantastic thing about Interior Design, it allows you to transform your area of space to anything you desire making sure you are in total bliss.

I hope I have made your Interior spring ready!


Friday, April 8, 2011

Ft. Jonathan Adler - Interior Design #4

In my fourth installment of Interior Design I would love to talk about my absolute favorite type of Interior.  I'd like to call it the "White Room Effect". To me it is the perfect all year round interior technique anyone could use.
What is it exactly? Why do I think it's a "must have" trend to go by?
Basically, it's when you design a room around the concept of having a white canvas and you paint the colours, themes and pictures the way you desire. You become the painter and the room is your Blank Canvas.
Lonny Mag
I'd like to elaborate on that by allowing you to have a vision. Imagine a room where it is bare and you place the main pieces of the room with white furniture and white walls. Now, place your choice of rugs, mantle pieces, mugs, wall paper and the colour or theme you desire. BAM! The contrast is amazing! It's like floating in bliss, but YOUR bliss.
La Dolce Vita
For example, a bright coloured rug or a bold gold mantlepiece that adds that pop of wow to the room, as it becomes the focus piece rather than a lost soul. That is a technique which makes you "fashion forward" in the design world. It is modern and adjustable as all can be changed come summer, winter or even come mood swings.
I'd like to showcase in this blog one of my favorite designers, Jonathan Adler. He has interior designed Barbie's Malibu Dream House. The reason I am in LOVE with this particular work, other than the obvious reason that he is a genius and hello Barbie and pink is associated, is that he displays this "White Room Effect" concept so well it left me speechless. 
I have attached the video below so let me transport you to your dreams!
P.S My Bedroom is designed using the "White Room Effect" technique. :Dx


Friday, April 1, 2011

Soulful Inspiration! #1

Inspiration: The ability for something to entice, excite and stimulate a feeling in you, in order to perform.

Inspiration is something that should be sought out on a regular basis. Whether it is from the food you eat to the clothes you consume. It's the force that drives us to do our tedious chores everyday. Am I not correct?
Wherever you are or the places you go, good or bad it should be the basis of your inspiration. Use your surroundings and awkward situations as a method of creativity. Do not be blind folded to what is occuring, as that my friend is an inspiration being wasted. :(

Why not dedicate a whole Blog post  to the attributes of Inspiration?!

So tell me, What inspires YOU? Is it a friend, soul mate, teacher or your mood swings?

Below, I have attached some pictures that inspire creativity in me, on a day to day basis. I hope it entices your inspirational aura too! :Dx

Enjoy Life, especially nature and all it's blessing!
"A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song."

"If you carry your childhood with you, you will never become older." 
As the secret of happiness is freedom and the secret of freedom is courage.