Friday, April 8, 2011

Ft. Jonathan Adler - Interior Design #4

In my fourth installment of Interior Design I would love to talk about my absolute favorite type of Interior.  I'd like to call it the "White Room Effect". To me it is the perfect all year round interior technique anyone could use.
What is it exactly? Why do I think it's a "must have" trend to go by?
Basically, it's when you design a room around the concept of having a white canvas and you paint the colours, themes and pictures the way you desire. You become the painter and the room is your Blank Canvas.
Lonny Mag
I'd like to elaborate on that by allowing you to have a vision. Imagine a room where it is bare and you place the main pieces of the room with white furniture and white walls. Now, place your choice of rugs, mantle pieces, mugs, wall paper and the colour or theme you desire. BAM! The contrast is amazing! It's like floating in bliss, but YOUR bliss.
La Dolce Vita
For example, a bright coloured rug or a bold gold mantlepiece that adds that pop of wow to the room, as it becomes the focus piece rather than a lost soul. That is a technique which makes you "fashion forward" in the design world. It is modern and adjustable as all can be changed come summer, winter or even come mood swings.
I'd like to showcase in this blog one of my favorite designers, Jonathan Adler. He has interior designed Barbie's Malibu Dream House. The reason I am in LOVE with this particular work, other than the obvious reason that he is a genius and hello Barbie and pink is associated, is that he displays this "White Room Effect" concept so well it left me speechless. 
I have attached the video below so let me transport you to your dreams!
P.S My Bedroom is designed using the "White Room Effect" technique. :Dx