Friday, April 29, 2011

Take a break - Do Facial Art!

For the ones who follow my blog, as you know I have done 5 installment in the mini series - Interior Design to date. Let's take a little break and discuss the art of makeup. YAY! :D
I always question, Who defines conventional makeup? Makeup is an art and who said one should abide by the rules and regulations set up? To me, makeup is expressing ones self in the most outrageous way anyone could fathom. Whether you use shadows as lipgloss or eye liner as blush (LOL!) 
Okay, okay! My point is, express yourself through your art. So if you're a makeup artist go wild! 
Last week, me and my girlfriends had a sleepover. (LOL! No one is too old to have one, it's really refreshing.) After traditional face masks and cleansing, I decided to be creative and create eyeliner art on each one of them.
Let me introduce you to: Facial Art!
1. Discovery.

2. Adventure.
3. Figgie Gee!
4. Fantasy.
5. Drama.
6. Haze Ghaz!
7. Infective.
8. Class.
9. Zee!
It's unconventional, it's Art!

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