Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bathroom Decor - Interior Design #6

Elle from Allthatglitters21 mentioned that she is looking for Bathroom Decor, so naturally I got inspired to do my sixth Interior Design installment on it. :)
The main points to remember when decorating a Bathroom is to keep it crisp and fresh. Why? It's simple, the Bathroom harbors a lot of moisture and who loves moisture more than bacteria, mold and germs.
= Ew! 
So, a good method to conquer both decor and hygiene issues is by placing candles, automatic sprays, wall scents or even a bowl of scented dried flowers.
Next, think of the theme you are going after. Do you like it girly?
Or do you prefer to keep your bathroom a separate theme to the rest of the house? 
Once that is decided, choose your floor mats, seat cover, towels and robes. A quick tip is do not get them all the same colour. That is bland and colour blocking is best kept in the fashion industry :P.

You may want the floor mats a sky blue, mix it up by choosing the towels to be bright yellow. Or perhaps pink mats and white towels. Break up the colours, avoid being monotone
You want to brighten up your bathroom? Add light to it. This allows it not only to have a fresh feel to it but also the bathroom is usually a peaceful and relaxing place/time.

When thinking of soap, toothbrush and toothpaste holders make it the pop of the bathroom. Just like an antique vase provides a pop to a mantle piece, those holders will be the pop of the bathroom. I suggest you choose those to cater the third colour to your theme. If you do not desire to introduce another colour then go for a varied shade to your theme colour. This provides depth and stigma to your decor.

Another safe and cute detail to a bathroom are curtains. Those are easy to wash every few weeks so bacteria can be eliminated. I would prefer light fabrics such as lace or hand stitched curtains. They add such a fresh feel as they would still allow light to enter through yet also have a feminine touch.

 Don't forget to add little things that pull the whole decor together such as small trash cans. Make cute covers to go on them that tie the theme together.
In a bathroom, I would stay from wall paper as we all know that heat and moist will not only mold but peel off the hard work off the Interior. This is a total waste of time and money
Tiles is the best way to go. The perfect way to decorate your bathroom walls is to add pictures which of course should be framed in glass so no damage can occur. You can have pictures of the seaside which adds a fresh and crisp feel to a bathroom or go with an abstract painting. Even an inspirational quote or quotes that are hung diagonally that will give you a pick up when it's most needed.

Another thing that can be added to your decor that not only organises but adds that fresh feel are shelves. That would provide you space for your clutter and have a polished feel to your decor. I suggest to have closed doors on your products as heat and moisture will degrade them. 

However, have an open shelf for decor items such as marbles. They tend to come in varied colours, again that match your decor or add the desired pop
You can also include flowers or candles.

Stick to glass or marble materials, as they will not rot or degrade. Also, bacteria and mold won't be able to find their way in. This could be detrimental as they can get activated once heat is present.

Lastly, make sure you follow a decor method that suits your needs as we all spend quite some time in a bathroom. You do not want to be looking at a weird picture while on the potty. ;)
I wish you happy bathroom decorating! :Dx


  1. I love interior decorating, right now I am redoing my room. These tips will come in handy even if it's not my bedroom

  2. Hey! Oh, how exciting. Let me know how it goes. :Dx

  3. i love the eiffel tower shower curtain so cute.

  4. I like the tip about hanging a quote on the bath room wall. Thank you for this inspirational post.

    All the best,

  5. Hey Voe, you are very welcome! :Dx

  6. These bathrooms are to die for! Amazing pics!

  7. I love this amzing big bathroom!!! I love your blog! ;) Kisses from México city!

  8. Hey! Thank you ladies. I know aye? If I had a bathroom like that, I would be spending all my time there. :P

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