Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Reb'l Fleur by Rihanna

Since we are still having a little break from the Interior Design posts, I want to share with you a possible future purchase I am excited about.
Have any of you seen the Rihanna advertisement for her new perfume Reb'l Fleur? If not watch below.
"Bad feels so good. Good feels so bad."
I love the commercial and not only for the high trendy fashion that is an "awe" factor. It battles between life's two major forces, good and bad. Almost like the Yin and Yang concept. The way she broadcasts this issue is unique yet so appealing. How many of us have battled between the two extremes, many going back and forth trying to see where we fit?
The concept of the bottle is to represent a stiletto heel. I like how she integrated the colours black and nude spiraling against the heel. Maybe, emphasizing the bad and good in the perfume?
I am intrigued to smell the perfume. I hope it has notes of both sweet and spice, just like she has made her audience perceive it to be. I am holding high hopes for this perfume to be a favourite. I almost feel like going shopping now just to smell it. I may even do a later post where I'll review it. :)
What do think of the colour of her hair? It's on the edge of pink and red, a girly girl's dream. I love it on her, she sports it so well!


  1. the bottle looks totally unique :D
    Btw, nice blog. Definitely going to follow you! :D

    KAT -

  2. Please follow me! :D

  3. Hey! Kim, followed. :)
    From Broadway, I wish I can pull that colour off. LOL :Dx