Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Treasured Pieces - Interior Design #7

This being my seventh entry in my Interior Design installments I thought I'd spice things up and showcase some of my own interior pieces that make me happy. Each piece in my collection tells a story. That's how I like to design any room, so each piece is a chapter and together they can tell the viewer a recollection about my life, personality and even aspirations.
So, every once in a while I will share some of my treasures and the anecdote behind it. Are you excited?

1. Special Needs Teapot.
This treasure was found during a rampage sale in Myer last year or so.The first time I saw it was when it was first launched and the price was a bit too much than what it's worth. During the sale day it was abandoned and what first caught my eye was the "Shopaholic" label. I gasped as I reached and grabbed it. At first, I thought it was a pointless purchase as it had it's cap missing so I spent good minutes frantically looking for it's missing piece. Disappointed, I thought I could find a substitute cap for this poor thing somewhere else and decided to go along with the purchase as it was too cheap to pass up. I mean from $40 to about $3 is a pretty substantial decrease. Won't you think so too?
Well, after countless failure attempts to finding the right size cap I decided this is a special needs piece and it makes it all interesting with a missing part. It almost has an antique feel. Almost. Hey it needs love too and we should all know better than to force something to be a certain way when it's not. It's against moral and self belief. ;) My random beads have a happy home now. :)

2. Something old, something new.
This baby is a fashion lover's safe haven in a time capsule. When I first spotted this limited edition DVD covers I struggled with myself to put it down. At $20, it truly is a once in a while splurge item. It truly captures history in a modern twist. This DVD is placed on a book stand which gives it a true throne element compared to all the other DVDs. It defines my love for past fashion icons impeccably.

3. Another Cocktail?
Every interior piece should symbolise an inside joke with an unforgettable friend. During my first year at university, when we still had that "this is all new" jitters me and a friend used to explore the city far and wide. Every unconventional place you'd find our newbie noses sniffing around. One particular outing has led to this piece being a treasure. It talks about the day we sat under the Opera House, looking out towards the Harbour singing a made up song called "Margarita.."I don't remember much of the song but I do remember that young and restless feeling without a care in the world. We were laughing hysterically while onlookers gave us death stares. This day is embedded in my memories and this glass not only adds to my interior but to my recollections. It helps that it was found in a sale and only cost $2. Score! I also want to add that despite many friend fall outs, the memories you have left will hopefully never fail you.

4. Vanity, a weakness?
This last piece I will share with you was one of my first eBay purchases. That's also the same time where my great love for eBay developed. *Day Dreams* :P This piece describes my passion for beauty and makeup indefinitely. "Ah vanity of vanities! How wayward the decrees of fate are. How very weak the very wise. How very small the very great are." -William Shakespeare. It also tells of my childhood desire to own a doll house with doll house amenities. A small piece of my childhood is brought back with this interior. Yay!
Let me know if you liked this installment. :Dx


  1. How absolutely gorgeous. LOVING reading through your blog!

  2. Hey! You girls are such sweethearts. Thank you. :Dx

  3. Hey Great Posts :) love the vanity.

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  4. Hey Grace! Your blog is great, so chic. I'm a follower. :Dx