Thursday, April 12, 2012

A wanderlust @ heart.

Sigh. So many thoughts are running in my head, it's almost like I have the case of word vomit. I mean, where do I begin? Should I start by explaining my notorious absence? Or identify the ambiguous countdown to my right?

One thing I do know for sure that the past 9 months of my life, have been a roller coaster of adventure, discovery & emotions. You see, my life began when I received the letter of acceptance into the Walt Disney World College Program as an Intern. As each step of my journey was taken, an old shell of my past peeled away. I want to share my stories & what I learnt on this road with you. Some may be entertained, others inspired. Nonetheless, I hope it amuses all.

I never defined what this blog will be about. However, I do know one thing, at any stage in my life I want to document. This stage happens to be the Wanderlust series. My absolute desire to be a gypsy & travel like a true nomad from one adventure to the next discovery.

Are you ready voyagers? Because our first stop is Orlando, Florida!


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