Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The punk & the pathetic

Trend Report

Spring/Summer 2013

You would think we were done with history, that we would learn from our mistakes and eliminate it from happening again to us. Who would have thought we’d be reliving the studs and metals times? Or for some of us allow the 80’s to come back biting us in the butt. Ladies and gents, it’s the 21st Century and we are stuck in the past. The past where it was tacky and where it should’ve stayed.

However, you know what they say, ‘everything that goes around, comes around’. So, welcome to the 80’s as during the 2013 Spring/Summer, punk is making it’s comeback.

The trend on every fashionable mouth is the Punk stage. That’s what has been spotted on every celebrity during the Met Gala. I thought that was an event where class and elegance arise. However, with Miley Cyrus’ new expose` it seems to be either a static electricity issue going on or she got electrocuted on her way in.
Let’s have a look at various designer’s take on Punk. I suppose Saint Laurent thought that putting incoherent pieces together from all around the 80s era with eyes closed was a daring and bold move. Or not.
Here, Fausto Puglisi got the theme of Scotland’s cultural dress code and Punk mixed up. What a funk! These pieces alone may be great and have amazing potential but putting them together is a bad cocktail. Not to mention, hurts the eyes.
Oh Jeremy, Jeremy Scott. What have you done? You create pieces to sell, am I not right? Any girl caught wearing that jumper will scare the living daylights out of anyone. Punk or not, it has to go or make it smile!
Growing up you associated the Punk to be a phase all rebellious teens went through. It was something you put a patch over it and pretended it didn’t exist. It seems to me that everyone went into a funk phase this season. Let’s keep walking, maybe tomorrow they’ll be over it.

Now that the rant is over, I cannot deny that with certain punk influence you can achieve genius designs. I’m all for that. The Preen look by Thomton Bregazzi is true class exposing a woman to be strong and powerful yet elegant with every move she takes. 
Or perhaps Givenchy’s take on the punk moves us into the modern times with the mix of textures. Sleek leather against sheer chiffon, harsh but sexy.
Let’s have a look at Chanel’s take on Punk this season. Again not going far from her classic pieces relating everything back to her roots. The chocker piece is divine holding the look together.
This is what punk in the 2013 should be. Forget the net tights and move on from the spikes and rooster haircuts. Next time you catch yourself saying, “I don’t have anything to wear”, go into the attic, I’m sure you’ll find a box labelled: ‘Don’t go there”.


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